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Traces of the XXth Century, Football

Sculpture (1998)

Navarra Gallery, Paris, France 

ARTEFACT, Paris France

Nasser Soumi's project, which is part of our exhibition entitled "80 Artists around the World's Cup" 1998, is also part of another far-ranging yet targeted project of the artist's own, on the legacies and artifacts of our century. His idea is to gather international oral histories from different prominent figures of the end of this century, which will be sealed at dawn on the first day of the year 2000, to be opened one century later, at dawn of the first day of the year 2100, at which time they may be made public.


Given the nature of this exhibition, the testimonies gathered will of course come from famous people in the worlds of soccer and the arts, but also from any other people who wish to leave their own mark for the next century to find. In another hundred years, our descendants will discover, through our sealed documents, our thoughts and perhaps our secrets as well. How fascinating to be the raw material of a future thought which will exist in a world not yet born!


Christine Shreyer

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