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Mise en Lumière

Performance, in collaboration with Mathias Poisson (1999) 

École Nationale Supérieure de Céramique Industrielle

Paris, France

This is not the first time that Nasser Soumi plays with our senses.
The invisible element is no doubt what inspires him. Each installation demonstrates this and has no other ambition than to relate what happens between the being and its environment.


Where have we ended up after learning, after mastering gestures repeated sometimes from generation to generation, after adopting roles? What can we really see in this codified reality? It is certainly not by chance if water and its representation have often been presented in his works besides indigo, the original deep blue between sky and sea. Opacity is presented, appearances are effaced.

The project presented at the ENSCI is of this type. Behind translucent screens, artists are cut off from direct gazes which involve, expect, and judge. Intimacy of gestures remains complete, sounds created become solitary. A strange spectacle links us to the being disconnected from its function and what we feel is close to the unknown. What is the very object of this rising apprehension ? Could  itsimply be ourselves!?
After erasing, the page is never really white…


Henri Gama

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